Zen Kajihara vs Anatolii Galushkin 1v1 Tricking
athlete poll
Zen Kajihara
Anatolii Galushkin
March 4, 2021
1v1 RAW Tricking Battle featuring two of the best athlete in thee world! 🌎 CAST YOUR VOTE ✅ COMMENT WHO YOU THINK WON & WHY! ✅


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  1. Andrew Veer

    Anatoly did creative combos and complex ones but Zen did super hard combos. Difficult decision🤔🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. Jay

    My vote is based on difficulty, creativity, & execution. Kind of the 3 main things IMO.
    R1: Anatolii wins with his execution x difficulty as that was the best cork in I have seen during a combo. Although I do give Zen creativity.
    R2: Zen took creativity + difficulty for sure. But Was aa bit sloppy so I gave execution to Anatolii.
    R3; Anatolii takes creativity and difficulty for me! It was a long, heavy hitter combo and he finished it great.
    I would LOVE to see some other peoples opinion. Also this as a battle for the next live event they host would be perfect. Both throw heavy hitter moves always!

    • Talon Dale

      i gotta respectfully disagree. the cork in was cheated, more horizontal than the shant axis so in reality it was a tucked late 9. zen’s first pass had a lot of power in it and was executed really well. zen takes round 1

      round 2: who tf else does full shurikane in a combo besides zen? + shuriken cutter semi f/s tde bs12 to dub full snapu is SO much harder than dub back and triple cork being the only notable moves

      round 3 is zen for me, in terms of difficulty full snapu semi, snapu v/s, and full snapu double are ridiculous feats that are all harder than dub dub and dub full hyperhook. i appreciate the creativity from anatolii on r3 but it was pretty slow and not super fit for a battle if you know what i mean

        • Talon Dale

          *meant to say full snapu hyper, not semi

        • Connor Trent

          No chance, Anatolii took this for sure bro the score shows it. That cork in was one of the most legit ones to date and he did it in a combo!

  3. Justin V

    This was a tough one but I have to go with Zen. Creativity was un matched besides combo 2 by Anatolii which I thought was a bit slow.

    • Jay

      Hmmm. I feel like Zen’s first combo is what we expected from Anatolii where Anatolii first combo is what we expect from Zen hahah!

    • Talon Dale

      the cork in was a tucked late 9 bro. also that was like the only notable thing in that combo + zen easily took r2 (full shurikane/shuriken cutter semi to dub full snapu) and r3

  4. Dylan Sparks

    Get out!!! Cork In comboed??? That is wild. Anatolii is for sure one of the best pro athletes.

  5. James Lin

    Question, I know some were already coming before becoming pro athletes… but should we expect every pro to be at Vegas when it happens???

  6. Johan Kirsilä

    Zen is insane! But what in the world.. cork in IN COMBO ! 😳 Waaaaww so hard to judge! Insane battle guys!

  7. Taka Enomoto

    I love Zen🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    • Joshua Evans

      AGREED! I would love to see Adrenaline add 5v5matches particularly when they can do events in person

      • Dylan Sparks

        Anatolii, Alex D, Ali, Stepan and Andrew vs Shosei, Taka, Zen, Haruki, & Fuju!
        Who wins??

        • Talon Dale

          japan lol that’s probably the best japanese combination out there

        • Dylan Sparks

          I don’t think Japan wins it

        • Dylan Sparks

          Alex D is the style king. It is unmatched what him and Ali can do together. Also I think Andrew Veer is part of Skillaz so imagine 3 of them doing their thing. Then Tolya & Stepan can match their power as seen in this battle.

    • Taka Enomoto

      1.just power 2.shuriken 3.snapu
      All Zen’s combos have a concept. Most beautiful set list I have ever seen.

  8. Josh Ladevich

    this was a very hard battle to judge. this was split R1 zen and then R2 Anatoli but R3 i had to give to zen for really pushing through, Anatoli had a great combo as well but the flow was a little too slow for me, and for that I had to give R3 to Zen

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