Session X Tournament Week | VLOGSURD 4
April 29, 2022
What’s up AWTV! I hope you’re all enjoying the vlogs as much as I’ve been having fun making them. This week we start off with a light dojo session to get ready for the big boy session on Friday per usual 😏 early morning trip to a karate tournament where my two brothers competed alongside the rest of G3 and lots of other White Tiger students. Everyone killed it but it was a long day best followed up by some chips and salsa 😂 by this point my voice was trashed and we were off to KC Comicon. Enjoy the vlog and I’ll see you all next week 😈 Win A FREE Adrenaline T-Shirt!  Comment down below & have a free AWTV Account!  We are picking 2 lucky winners!!! 💯 🚨TICKETS ARE LIVE! Grab your Seminar, Gathering, Studio or Spectator Pass before prices go up! 👀 Get exclusive, discounted rates at Mandalay Bay while availability lasts. Once rooms are sold out you will be subject to prevailing rates. 💸 Book Today:


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  1. Sarah Oelke

    My 7 year old said “he must practice his form a lot, I need to practice a lot more to get that good.” Thanks for the motivational help for him.

  2. Danytrickz

    Not of this planet or univers . Out of this world . Don’t have words 🥶😈👽

  3. Slobodan Panovic

    The execution of Guthrie’s combos is unmatched 🔥⚔️🙌🏼 the tournament insights were totally the Vibe

  4. lucas stein

    Cheat 900 Snapu from Snapu?😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

  5. Dylan Berry

    This makes me so hype for the Return 2! Love to see more of Mike’s personality through these as well <4

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