OMG2022 Official After Movie
March 31, 2022
Huge Shout out to The Oslomovement Team for putting on a spectacular event! We are looking forward to the next one! Filmed & Edited By: Uszatyphoto 📷 Make sure to give them both a follow on Instagram (Tagged)!

Join us this summer in Las Vegas for the experience of a LIFETIME! Adrenaline has officially partnered with Mandalay Bay & MGM Resorts International To Bring You The ADRENALINE EXPERIENCE X ADRENALINE WORLD GAMES |August 1-3 🎟 Coming Soon| 

Drop A Comment! 3 People will be getting a FREE ADRENALINE HAT!


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  1. Barbora Hrabovcová

    Wish could be there in Vegas with you lot! Will be definitely watching it all though! Excited to be able to be a part of this. :))

  2. Mark Tomashevsky

    More than just a video!!! Proud to have caught this era of tricking) With love from cold Karelia^)

  3. Santiago Guerendiain

    I would love to have the opportunity to go and see Michael Guthrie my idol and the other pro athletes in person, even if it’s just once… it’s my dream as a tricker, but I hope I can see the battles and keep communicating with Adrenaline and keep tricking to someday be a pro athlete and meet them all. 🤘🙇‍♂️💖

  4. Egon Dugas

    Having the best of the best all in one place is a crazy thing in any sport. But the tricking community makes it extra extra hype!!!

  5. Jeremy Loh

    Killed it on every aspect of this film, imo! Can’t wait for more!

  6. Sanuja Dikkumbura

    Cinematography was insane! These athletes are pushing the the sport of movement to its limits and beyond. Can’t wait for the Vegas event!

  7. Daley Siddons

    Can’t wait til there is a title on the line. Tiki’s janitor combo was so unique yet powerful, definitely a goat. Hopefully Alexander is able throw quad in Las Vegas.

  8. Edvin Andersen

    This was insane, i was there and everything was so crazy, getting so inspired. and i love the video and hope to see more and learn <3!!!

  9. JacobWood19


    I’m waiting for an Adrenaline Pro team demo 👀😂

  10. Aditya Sharma

    The level these athletes are pushing and the tricks that have been landed are unimaginable and seriously I Don’t think people would have imagined that the sport will go this far beyond the limits ,such high quality events and these opportunities for trickers to connect and build community is everything to live for ,Thanks to you guys for putting in the efforts.

  11. Danytrickz

    Wow, OMG 2022 was an massive and nasty clean battle 🤩👽😈 . This camerawork and edit are too 🔥⚡⚡. Would be appreciated to get the hat 😆🥵👀

  12. Yuchao Fan

    the most overpowered team battle of all time, it’ll be in the history books for sure.

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