About The Future | Shosei & Zen Duo Sampler
April 29, 2022
One of the craziest samplers you will ever watch. Enjoy 😈 Win A FREE Pair Of Adrenaline Pro Training Shorts! Comment down below & have a free AWTV Account!  We are picking 2 lucky winners!!! 🤩 🚨TICKETS ARE LIVE! Grab your Seminar, Gathering, Studio or Spectator Pass before prices go up! 👀 Get exclusive, discounted rates at Mandalay Bay while availability lasts. Once rooms are sold out you will be subject to prevailing rates. 💸 Book Today:


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  1. Gabriel

    It’s beyond me how anyone whould want to render a video like this in the lowest framrate possible. The tricks are INCREDIBLE, that’s why I find it so sad that I can’t enjoy them.

  2. Sarah Oelke

    This is awesome.
    I replayed it for my kids tonight as distraction/entertainment during severe weather. It totally worked and got them excited.

  3. Matthew

    Was there a quad cork in there? I swear it was the most relaxed quad in an edit ever hahah

  4. Russel Lebaron

    roses are red violets are blue no matter how good you are there is always an asian better than you #tricking😥😢

  5. Nate Rudd

    These guys are literal legends! So excited to see where they take this sport!

  6. Tyler Dockstader

    I just gave up on trying to tell what combos they were doing. Doesn’t make sense to me anymore.😂😂

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