The Return 1
January 21, 2022


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  1. Chris Kirkstan

    Something about the name Michael just makes you a GOAT 😂🐐 we got MJ and MG

    • miles lenson

      The longevity of Michael is truly unprecedented especially in tricking…. he has been at the top for at least 12+ years now. Not tricking, but the best of tricking for those 12 years. So yes you can say he is the Goat lol

  2. Galib Aminul

    This man has so much black air force energy and then decides to put a dance Gavin dance song over his trip trip. 3 men must’ve died to make this sampler

  3. Ilya Vtorin

    Один из самых красивых что я видел в жизни в комбе с корк родео это бокскатер. Это прям круто. Возвращение в стиль ютуб самолётов это конечно тоже радует

  4. Dylan Sparks

    This was incredible. You inspire me to keep tricking every day 🐐❤️

    • Michael Guthrie

      & comments like these inspire me 🖤 thank you for your kindness and support my friend

  5. Cameron N

    Thanks for being the most influential tricker in the world dude

  6. James Lin

    Just the way you can throw triple out of every combo but also have the best kicks, style, transition work, execution, etc… a human video game

    • Michael Guthrie

      1. Al Bid-Aya

      2. Back 2 Basics

      3. Midnight Crusade

      lmk if you need artist names. That should do it tho 🙌

    • Michael Guthrie

      crazy to think I was so hesitant to post this footage for so long. Incredibly happy with the support and am now even more fired up to finish the RETURN saga 😤

  7. James Kane

    Amazing Michael! ❤️ Such an inspiration for all of our students.

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