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November 27, 2020
1v1 RAW Tricking Battle featuring two of the best athlete in the world! 🌎 CAST YOUR VOTE ✅ COMMENT WHO YOU THINK WON & WHY! ✅


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  1. Tiki Wu

    Yuhhh this went hard, much respect for those crazy ass combos shosei!

  2. David

    Round 1 – Shosei
    Round 2 – Shosei
    Round 3 – Tiki

    Round 1: although tiki hit a legendary lv swing chain, it was a swing chain up to 3. Difficult, but not on the level of comboing multiple hyper 3s. Shosei also kicked. Tiki was cleaner, but overall I give it to Shosei

    Round 2: Close call, but tiki re-adjusted after the 12 > Hook > Cart in r2. Tiki was cleaner, and his combo, more interesting, but Shosei was powerful and ended off with the trip cork var, without any hiccups. Could call it a tie, I liked tikis combo better, but Shosei delivered.

    Round 3: The vanish 12 out of c9snapu into another 12 and ending in triple cork was flawless. Gotta give shosei respect on not wiffing the end against the wall, that’s commitment, but tiki’s combo was too strong and clean. Full in combo’d is hella impressive, ofc, but shosei’s first part of the combo was underwhelming.

    I’d say overall tiki is cleaner, very precise, sharp, well executed, and strong, and confined to smaller space. Shosei still delivered the overwhelming power that we may think isn’t as big of a deal as it is, because he makes it look so easy.

    I’d say tiki was performing at his very best, and shosei was kind of just doing a normal session tbh. Overall great entertainment. I can see this being a final battle at the next hooked.

    • Tiki Wu

      Thanks for the kind words! The re-adjustment on the second combo was me trying my best not to go in a direction that would make me fall off the floor lol

  3. Troy Griffin

    That 9 snapu-12-12 blew my mind! As did shosei’s triple cork to 12 and shurikane combo. Such a good battle!

  4. Megan Nicole

    Awesome Battle!

  5. Josh Ladevich

    gotta give this to tiki! felt like he strung together moves better in comparison to shoesei’s unreal power! this battle NEEDS TO BE LIVE

  6. Anthony D'Amours

    Wait what!!!?!! Ok like this was out of this world!!! Love everything both did! The surkikane combo!! And tiKi, cheat 9Snapu, Vanish 12 vanish 12 ! Wow i want to see this live!

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