Shosei Iwamoto vs Johan Kirsila 1v1 Tricking
athlete poll
Shosei Iwamoto
Johan Kirsila
February 18, 2021
1v1 RAW Tricking Battle featuring two of the best athlete in thee world! 🌎 CAST YOUR VOTE ✅ COMMENT WHO YOU THINK WON & WHY! ✅


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  1. Hayden Peirce

    Can we please please please see this LIVE on Adrenaline one day 🥲🤣

  2. Danny Etkin

    What combo do you guys like better – Shosei round 1 or round 3?? Can’t decide! This battle was absolute insanity on both sides!

    • Hayden Peirce

      I think R3! I personally had Johan winning R1 for the fact the swung triple full TWICE in 1 combo!

  3. Eli Allen

    No matter who wins or loses I would watch Shosei vs Johan every. single. time. The two power leaders of tricking! 🔥😍💯

  4. Johan Kirsilä

    Respect for Shosei for that battle! But people dont forget PLEASE , that i got just back at tricking like 2weeks ago. I had 3months break and didnt do Any trainings in that time. So imo. We should do more 1v1 battles with shosei. Also i couldnt do corksnapus or anything because of my hip. But things happen . Glad to be part of this family and battles come and go ! Looking forward to next one! ❤️🙏

    • adrenaline

      The RAW Battles do not count towards athlete rankings! RAW is designed to recognize athletes worldwide giving them a platform to showcase their skills in a fun environment while you guys get to vote! We hope that answers your question!

  5. Connor Trent

    Man this was a great battle but Shosei prevailed once again. What is the record between them??

  6. James Lin

    Yup.. Johan won this one. If you are doing dubx4 in a combo like that you got my vote

  7. Vellu

    Yesss, finally it happened!! Killing it, both of you 🔥🔥 Makes me wanna see this battle happening again and again 🤩

  8. Joshua Evans

    Why is no one else freaking out that Johan did DUBX4 in a combo, and 2 Triple swings lol! He got my vote easily. There was hardly any vert on Shosei’s DubTak5…

    • Dylan Sparks

      No chance man… don’t just look at power moves. Even If you are… quad full, dubx5(Tak), triple cork split, etc… haha

    • Talon Dale

      tak dub x5 is harder than dub x4 and shosei had more technicality

      • James Lin

        You are really gonna say that dub tak dub x5 was good tech?!? Come on dude lol. Also the triple cork splits was not executed great.

        • Talon Dale

          hey ima just stop the discussion here. no need to bring others down while talking about who won

  9. Maguire Kane

    NOW THIS WAS A BATTLE BOYS! 2 top athletes going head to head leaving it all on the line. Great work you guys. Way to bring it! ❤️💯

  10. Juan Abuel

    I still think Johan’s power is more strong! He will get my vote! 🤩😩

  11. Luke Skikus

    Okay so from what I saw; all three of Johan’s combos started massive but didn’t finish nearly as strong as Shosei’s. I am pretty shocked to see that because I feel Joan is such a power house. I did see him commenting a lot that he has not tricked in months until now so that could be it too. Overall entertaining battle but Shosei once again was victorious.

      • Juan Abuel

        Yes he posted on Instagram saying he has only tricking the week in last 3 months on spring floor! He will come back stronger! Then we need a rematch 🤯

  12. David

    I am bias towards Shosei, even though I love and respect Johan, but lets do this

    R1: Shosei
    R2: Tied
    R3: Shosei

    Hard for anyone to go up against Shosei rn, he’s King of the game ! Respect to Johan for taking on the challenge !

  13. Tiki Wu

    Insane battle, really hard to pick a winner. You both are so insanely good!!

    • Talon Dale

      shosei’s variation combined with powermoves (tak dub x5) did it for me

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