Mason Bumba vs Noah Fort Weapons Battle
athlete poll
Mason Bumba
Noah Fort
December 25, 2020
1v1 RAW Weapons Battle featuring two of the best athlete in the world! 🌎 CAST YOUR VOTE βœ… COMMENT WHO YOU THINK WON & WHY! βœ…


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  1. Michael Guthrie

    Both athletes absolutely brought their A game here and it shows!!! Hats off to both of you

  2. Jason Dempher

    Great battle, Mason has the edge from me. But what is with this comment section LMFAO! 🀣

  3. Michael Peterson

    I thought this was a good battle don’t get me wrong… but when you breakdown combo for combo using the three main pillars of difficulty, execution, and creativity Mason wins. I really enjoyed this battle though!

  4. Gabrielle Jean

    Both competitors were good, but overall mason was incredible and his skill level is unbeatable. He is clean not only with his tricks but he is far more skilled with his strikes. Both brought a lot of challenge, congrats to you guys !

  5. Manuel Feliz

    No chance Bumba loses this one… these comments won’t change my mind lol.

  6. John Payne

    I’m gonna go with Noah. The speed and precision! He’s killing it.

  7. Lilian G

    Our brazilian support for noah fort because he’s the fantastic!

  8. Kaiya Dickens

    You will NOT REGRET VOTING FOR NOAH FORT. He is one the most talented, hard working, Selfless people i know. Nobody DESERVES Your vote more than Noah fort !

  9. Charles Payne

    Noah Fort is , smooth and Polished and so fast still making everything Look easy

  10. Larissa Gibbs

    Noah makes that look effortless! The power he has with every move is incredible!

  11. Hayden Peirce

    Mason was to clean and fast. Both had great stuff difficulty wise… so it all comes down to the fundamentals and Mason takes that all three rounds

  12. Aidan Payne

    Noah is faster, cleaner, and has a much higher level of difficulty. The biggest thing working against Noah is that he is so good he makes it look easy. Someone making impossibly hard things look easy is the ultimate sign that you are a true master.

  13. Josh Ladevich

    this battle needs to be live because it so hard to choose when both people execute well and even toss the same trick! incredible job both of you, you two are unreal

  14. Marcus Freye

    Amazing Battle! Both were great. My vote goes to Mason though.

  15. Addely Godoy

    Wow!! Round 2 was fire. No hands and no No πŸ‘€!! Lol both are amazing ATHLETES

  16. Anthony D'Amours

    Both oF them brought it! But I gotta give it to bumba for the level of difficulty + cleanEss of the execution with striKing and releasing. Such variety! So much creativity on both sides! This was such a high level baTtle wow! Congrats to both of them

  17. Jimmy Kane

    Suchh an amazing battle between 2 great athletes! Awesome work boys πŸ’―

  18. Maguire Kane

    This may be one of the best battles we have done on RAW! I LOVED THIS! Great work gents πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ’―

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