November 6, 2020
Arrow - An arrow has to be pulled backwards before its sent off into destruction.
Hey everyone. Unfortunately last session I ended up breaking my rib prepping for Dubsurd's RAW battle on AWTV. Luckily, I will be okay, but will be taking it easy the next 6-8 weeks. I appreciate all of the support and look forward to providing you all with nothing but the best content out there. Much love 🖤


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  1. James Kane

    Amazing job Michael! 🙌🏼

  2. Jackson sprice

    This sAmpler confirms NO ONE is on your level bro. I already knew this, but this just reconfirms it. 🐐

  3. Maguire Kane

    Amazing as always! 👑🖤 Part of the journey. 2021 Ain’t ready. 😈

  4. Megan Nicole

    You killed this sampler mike! You’re the Goat! You’ll be coming back stronger than ever!

  5. Justin V

    This made my week. You are the greatest in our sport! Get well soon our King! ❤️👑

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