Alexander Andersen vs Fuju Honjo 1v1 Tricking
athlete poll
Alexander Andersen
Fuju Honjo
December 25, 2020
1v1 RAW Tricking Battle featuring two of the best athlete in the world! 🌎 CAST YOUR VOTE ✅ COMMENT WHO YOU THINK WON & WHY! ✅


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  1. Adam Osinski

    Alexander’s first combo was just too fire, both were incredible tho 0o0

  2. Mason Bumba

    WOW! This was an insane battle, I dont know how people can figure out who to vote for. Both of you went off!

  3. Megan Nicole

    Awesome job you guys! 😈

  4. Jason Dempher

    Alexander is STILL a top dawg in the sport going on 4 years straight 💯🔥

  5. Dylan Sparks

    I think Alexander has the best groundwork in tricking…. maybe Guthrie is more technical but I have never seen someone with this much advance gorund work who can also spam triple cork and quads like it’s a dub haha 🤣 Also from a viewers standpoint it brings so much to creativity in passes first your standard cheat 900 – hook combo

    • Alexander Andersen

      Yoo, this means So much! I’ve really tried to impRove my creatiVe combos! And tried to stay away from that cheat 900 hook cOmbo! this means A lot!

  6. David

    Round 1: Alex
    Round 2: Alex
    Round 3: Alex

    Fuju still did his thing well ! Alex had more diversity, bigger impacting, total value being bigger but Fuju was clean and stylish as he always is !

      • Héctor

        Idk, i think shurikane was dificult because it was a new trick and no one knew the tech, but now it’s known I beleive it’s easier than a trip cork

        • Alexander Andersen

          Honestly, I think Shurikane is still one of the hardest tricks, and also one of the Bigger trick that have a high risk of gettin injured

  7. James Lin

    I don’t think people are taking in consideration Fuju’s first and third combo! So creative yet powerful

  8. Brad Iglesia

    Alexander out here with the steez. That raiz fakeout really had me for a second

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