Akatsuki vs Andrew Veer 1v1 Tricking
athlete poll
Andrew Veer
March 4, 2021
1v1 RAW Tricking Battle featuring two of the best athlete in thee world! 🌎 CAST YOUR VOTE ✅ COMMENT WHO YOU THINK WON & WHY! ✅


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  1. towlie2110

    Akatsuki took that. 4 kicks in a single trick comboed to triple cork. Kackroll to triple cork. flowed

  2. Michael Guthrie

    I knew Veer would show up, and he did. But wow did Akatsuki surprise me. Great battle from both Athletes

  3. Connor Trent

    I have watched this a few times now and it is sooo tough but my gut tells awe to go with Andrew. Overall a better performance

  4. Jay

    Okay so my breakdown: Judging difficulty, creativity, & execution as the big 3.
    R1: Andrew Wins Difficulty & Execution. Creativity was equal.
    R2: Andrew wins all 3 categories even though the difficulty was some what close.
    R3: Andrew wins with execution but Akatsuki stole the round with the Cali roll giving him the difficulty + creativity.
    I got Andrew!

  5. Justin V

    I think Akatsuki for sure won a round with cali roll! But Andrew may have taken the first 2

  6. Dylan Sparks

    This was a great battle wow! Super close. Glad I tied it up for now 🤣

  7. Joshua Evans

    It was great to see Akatsuki shine but you know I am riding with Veer. Man showed up BIG TIME 🔥

  8. Taka Enomoto

    I didn’t know Akatsuki is so much strong right now!😂

    • Joshua Evans

      Insane to see cali roll in a combo! I feel it has been years since I have seen someone do it successfully like this.

    • James Lin

      Agreed! He for sure won this one 🙌🏼 Volatricks Team is the best!!!

  9. Juan Abuel

    I loved seeing a new face this week! But Andrew Veer is too strong 🤯

  10. Josh Ladevich

    Tough battle!! Giving this one to Andrew, he showed a ton of versatility and composure doing all of his clips in a crowded gym. Akatsuki brought the kicks and heavy tricks but just felt his combos weren’t long enough in comparison to Andrew doing both long combos with heavy tricks

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