Our Mission


Adrenaline Worldwide’s main brand extension, Exclusive, seeks to further the growth of our beloved sport through producing and streaming original tricking and extreme martial arts content. The professionally filmed events sponsor athletes all over the world to compete in the best head-to-head match-ups to date.

Every single month, new videos are exclusively streamed on the Adrenaline Exclusive (A.E.) portal and now feature slow motion footage making this entertainment a valuable study tool for any participant. We have signed Adrenaline Pro Athletes, who will be uploading their independently produced videos directly to the A.E. portal. These Pro Athlete videos include tutorials, training videos, and mindset videos to help subscribers reach their peak skill level.

Moving forward, A.E. will be providing an abundance of non-battle video content, serving as a one-stop shop for all things tricking and extreme martial arts. Sign up today and experience your Adrenaline pumping like never before as you binge over 150 exclusive videos!