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Best Trick Combo

Adrenaline Worldwide is on a quest to find the world’s greatest trick combo! Submit your trick combo below for a chance to be recognized as one of the best trickers worldwide and win cash prizes!

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Days left to submit!









  1. Record one (1) unreleased combo highlighting your skills. no music, no editing, no brand logos, team logos are okay.
  2. Submit your video here (until April 12th, 2019 at 11:59pm PST) at that time official judges will pick the top submissions based on degree of difficulty technique, creativity,and style.
  3. Next the Adrenaline Film crew will edit the top finalists into one (1) video to be featured on AWTV!


1st place $500

2nd place $250

3rd place $150

4th place $100

5th place: $100

Remember that you must use new, 2019 footage only. Avoid brand logos. And once you submit you cannot post this content anywhere on social media or you will forfeit any prize money or future Adrenaline sponsorship