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24 years old




Brussels, Belgium

About Athlete: Redje Massino

First I did acrobatics for 5 years and then I started tricking in 2009! I was really inspired by the three amigos! They inspired me to get where I am today! I've won Matissa 2016 Belgium tricking gathering, and looking to take more titles on AWTV. From day one I never gave up! I really hope you all enjoy my content and following my growth of a pro tricker!

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Cheat 720 Hyper Tutorial

Cheat 720 Hyper Tutorial

October 30, 2019
Hey everyone! I am back with a new tutorial on Cheat 720 hyper. This video ...
Swing 1080 Tutorial

Swing 1080 Tutorial

August 14, 2019
Another 1! This move is a rare move to see people using in their combos ...
Cork Star Boxcutter Tutorial

Cork Star Boxcutter Tutorial

August 6, 2019
My signature move! I hope you all enjoy the video. To access this content, you ...
Double Full Shuriken Tutorial

Double Full Shuriken Tutorial

July 11, 2019
Here are my tips on getting double full shuriken down and maximizing your shuriken kick! ...
Cork Swipe Knife Tutorial

Cork Swipe Knife Tutorial

June 26, 2019
Hey friends! Welcome to my Adrenaline channel, make sure to click the follow button to ...

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