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31 Years Old




Seoul, South Korea

About Athlete: Mincheol (CHAMPION)

Hello! My name is Mincheol and I am a South Korean native. I first started Taekwondo in 1992 when I was seven years old and I started performing as part of an exhibition team in 1996 at age eleven. In 2001, I saw my first glance at a new movement known as extreme martial arts by watching videos of Steve Terada. From that point on, I dreamt of exhibiting Taekwondo with such splendid presentation and glory. In order to achieve that, I trained not only to strengthen my mind and body, but also to jump over any limitations in performance aspects; I wanted to turn my dreams into a reality. Currently I am the only sponsored Taekwondo athlete by both Redbull, GoPro, and now Adrenaline Worldwide! Some of my recent accomplishments include being the 2016 Red Bull Kick It Champion and being the current Adrenaline Extreme Breaking World Champion. Since then, I have started to elevate my skills and am currently in the process of developing a new genre of martial arts called “Extreme-Taekwondo”, which combines the two arts. I hope to teach you how to maximize your limits and overcome barriers both physically and mentally like I did.  

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