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Fujian, China

About Athlete: Boyang Chen

Hey there my name is Boyang Chen. I was first introduced to martial arts at the age of eight and studied as well as competed in the art of wushu for about four years. When I turned twelve years old, I entered the circus as a performer for acrobatics. Ten years later, I was introduced to tricking through a great friend of mine and fell in love with the sport instantly. Shortly after, I dropped out of the circus and opened up my own tricking gym named “Hurricane” to grow the sport of tricking throughout all of China. Since then, I have grown the gym to be the largest and best in China with new people coming from all over the world to learn everyday. I have won many chinese tricking events throughout my years, however last summer I made my USA debut to the 2017 Adrenaline Championships. I was crowned World Champion in 1v1 tricking and I look forward to defending my title very soon. On my Adrenaline Exclusive channel, I am excited to show you how I made it to the top as a tricker as well as the culture behind Chinese tricking.  

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