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higansk, Russia

About Athlete: Anatolii Galushkin

  Hello everyone! my name is Anatolii Galushkin.  Now I’m currently 25 years old , living in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I was born in northern town Zhigansk in north-east of Siberia from childhood loved sports, especially loved to run and jump. My career started with parkour and break-dancing about 11-12 years young. At 16 years I have started to training tricking seriously, as much as possible in a remote northern village with poor internet. At the age of 18 I moved to Yakutsk, entered the Institute of Sports and Physical Education.  In 2015, I was able to go to my first tricking event in the city of Vladivostok, met the Korean team “King of Connexion” and Hurricane Team from china. They had the greatest influence on me, and upon arrival in Yakutsk I began to practice Taekwondo to make my own  kicks at least a little like theirs haha.  Currently I work in the best gym in russia, teaching tricking.  Some recent stats: Winner with team “Russia" in 5x5 hooked gathering 2019 battles, & I am the current 1v1 Russian champion.  I'm very glad to be a part of the Adrenaline and really want to visit events in the USA soon!


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